End Poverty Now establishes joint ventures with other grassroots organizations, and helps fund their community projects through our own fundraising initiatives. We are a sponsor for grassroots projects of several organizations since 2006. If you are interested in partnering with us, please read the EPN Grassroots Projects Guide (PDF), then submit a project proposal. We accept proposals year-round.

Please note that currently, we are ONLY accepting proposals of $1500 or less funded over a span of at least one year.

  1. Your organization’s mission must be non-denominational.
  2. Your organization must support social equality.
  3. Your project must be locally-based and community-led.
  4. Your project’s objective must relate to social or economic empowerment.
  5. Your project must address potential environmental impacts.
  6. A clear implementation plan and timeline must be in place.
  7. A detailed project budget must be in place.

  1. Project proposal is submitted (by you) and received (by us).
  2. Project proposal is screened by the Director of Grassroots Projects, and reviewed by the End Poverty Now staff; we thoroughly assess the risks, impacts, sustainability, and efficiency of projects.
  3. A short “Question & Answer” dialogue via phone/email takes place.
  4. The final proposal is presented to EPN’s staff and Board of Directors, who vote on it for final approval.
  5. Additionally, your proposal is evaluated by a member of our Board of Advisors, a group of professionals and scholars who will be able to provide further valuable input.
  6. We send you a written agreement to be signed.
  7. After the joint venture is established, our Director of Grassroots Projects will keep in regular contact with you to ensure smooth transactions and effectual project development, and will assist in any way possible.

  1. Read the “EPN Grassroots Projects Guide (PDF)” (Download #1)
  2. Fill out our “Project Proposal Forms“.  If you wish to type out your proposal, please download our ‘Fill-in Form’ (Download #2).  If you wish to hand-write your proposal, please download our ‘Print Version Form’ and ‘Additional Sheets’ if needed (Downloads #3 & 4).  Proposals in all other formats/templates will not be reviewed.
  3. Send your proposal to us!

  1. EPN Grassroots Projects Guide (PDF) – All applicants must read
  2. EPN Project Proposal Form – Fill-In Version (Word Doc.)
  3. EPN Project Proposal Form – Print Version (PDF)
  4. EPN Project Proposal Form – Additional Sheets (PDF)


Email:  projects@endpovertynow.ca (Director of Grassroots Projects)

Regular Mail:  End Poverty Now (Att: Director of Grassroots Projects) |  3450 rue Saint-Denis, Suite # 164, Montreal, Quebec, H2X 3L3, Canada

Best of luck and we look forward to hearing from you!

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