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  • Kenya

Host Organization:  Fountain Youth Initiative

Timeline:  Mar 15, 2015 – Mar 15, 2017

Project’s Goal : Empowering Women and girls in poverty

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About the Project:

Many Kenyans are unemployed with the most affected in informal settlements and rural areas in the country. The main cause of unemployment is the lack of effective skills which prevents them from applying for jobs. Most end up with odd jobs that pay them a wage of $1 per day, a salary that is not enough for their daily means.  Some become engaged in prostitution and others in crime for survival. This has contributed to the early death among young locals due to HIV/AIDS and violence and has facilitated underdevelopment in the community, thus prompting us to start our Skills Training project.

This project equips local vulnerable youths and women with effective business and vocational skills and provides guidance in starting their own businesses/secure employment.  Business training involves partnering with local financial institutions to facilitate basic and effective business skills while vocational training involves offering computer and tailoring classes. We intend to introduce the following vocational skills: knitting, welding and carpentry so that more local vulnerable youths and women can benefit. To facilitate project sustainability we do have our own production department where school uniforms and business production outsourcing are offered to the general public at a subsidized price.

About EPN’s Assistance:

End Poverty Now is proud to partner with the Fountain Youth Initiative in funding this initiative.

The funds provided by EPN will go towards purchasing materials, such as sewing machines as well as the rent of the training center.


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